May 4th Templates

We just finished adding all of the templates to our OpenVZ VPS template repositories. We hope everyone enjoys the Turnkey Linux templates as much as we do! After ordering your OpenVZ/KVM VPS, rebuild the virtual machine with any of the Turnkey Linux templates!

Mar 27th SSD for Denver VPS's

We are currently migrating all Denver CO VPS's over to SSD storage as default. All previous clients will be upgraded to SSD's for free.

Mar 27th VPS Bandwidth Increase

We have upgraded our VPS plans to allow for more bandwidth. The minimum bandwidth allocated to a VPS is 5TB, going all the way up to 15TB. Current clients have been upgraded to this for free as well.

Jan 21st 72TB / 96TB / 102TB / 136TB Storage Servers!

These servers are available in Denver CO, USA. Each machine is configurable upon checkout, so you can add more CPU, Memory, Disk Space, and Bandwidth as needed. Each server will come with a SuperMicro motherboard which has IPMI so you can utilize remote management functions (KVM, Reboot, etc). If these machines aren't exactly what you ... Read More »

Dec 17th New Forums

All users can now ask questions and obtain support from DME Hosting staff and from its clients!

Dec 16th New Website & Offerings!

We have expanded our services! We now have all new Web Hosting plans, Reseller Plans, Dedicated Servers, and the newest service of them all...Live Streaming! Scale from 25 concurrent connections to over 1,000,000 concurrent connections!

Sep 25th New KVM Offers

We are proud to announce that we will now start offering KVM virtual machines. KVM is gaining popularity in the virtual machine industry due to it's performance, stability, and many other robust features it has. We will offer 6 KVM plans ranging raning from low-end basic use VPS's, to high-end VPS's. So come check out the new KVM offers! ... Read More »

Apr 14th New Sandy Bridge Servers!

We have added the new Sandy Bridge CPU's to our budget server product line. You can order these servers by going here:

Jul 21st 2x Burst Memory!

We have updated our linux VPS burst memory to 2x of guaranteed memory!

For all Budget VPS's and Premium VPS's we are increasing the burst memory by 2x instead of the old 1.5x currently set. These changes will be for all current clients and new clients. The new changes will be made within the next 24-72 hours.

Apr 21st Two Updates!

We have many updates, and many updates coming in the next couple of months. Update 1) We have recently updated all of our Opearting System Templates for our Linux VPS's. We now offer many Turnkey templates from These templates are perfect for those of you who don't have time to configure every little thing, and just ... Read More »